‎"The Wheelie Teach greatly decreases the learning curve for clutch and throttle control which allows you to ride smoother consistent wheelies. Most beginners flip their motorcycles due to over revving the bike either when beginning the wheelie or after one starts to come down and over compensate for it. This is an inexpensive item to learn everything from basic skills to more advanced straight line tricks. "-   

Brian Bubash Pro Stunt Rider


"Yes! The best way to start stunting! Hands down!"     

SIC G, Cal.(CBR)


"Actually its a great device. Why do I say that? Cuz I have tried it myself, as well as I do the demos at XDL for Wheelie Teach. Before I agreed to do anything with Wheelie Teach I tested the product out for myself. As well as had 2 different people who could not wheelie at all try it out as one, one male and one female. After my instructions and teaching them, both were getting the bike off the ground and doing baby wheelies. Pretty damn good for 2 people who've never wheelied before. The device gave both of them a huge boost of confidence as well. There are 3 stages to the Wheelie Teach and YES the 3rd stage does bring you right to the beginning stage of balance point. It keeps you from flipping but you can still crash with it on the bike.The Wheelie Teach is designed for someone who just simply wants to learn to wheelie. It isn't going to make them a pro rider or anything. But its a much safer way to learn and gives you confidence.And fun fact. Guys like E-dub and Nick Apex from Death Squad, and Sick Rick have said they would love to use one to try to learn switchback wheelies. Bill D told me it would work for learning switchback wheelies. So if they're saying they would trust it to learn to do a switchback wheelie, obviously it would work to do a regular wheelie. "  

SIC J, Cal.(CBR)


"I got my wheelie wheelie teach device yesterday. It's great I must say!"

Brian-west palm beach,FL (954)


"The fit to the bike is perfect. The quality of the device is superior. As to the use of the device, well , I did the highest longest wheelies I've ever done! I love it! "

Glenn- Tampa, FL.(GSXR)


"With Wheelie Teach, I was much more confident and much less scared to pop wheelies as a beginner and as an average rider. The device is solid, is quite simple, and is modestly priced. I've spent much going to a wheelie school but gained much more on my own "grounds" using Wheelie Teach.I am big on safety so I highly recommend it "

Mike- Des Moines, Iowa(GSXR)


"The Wheelie Teach works as advertised. I had fun with it and most importantly, it helped keep me safe and prevented some possible damage to myself, equipment and of course save money for damages I may have incurred without it."



"If it wasn't for your device , I would have never had the guts to even try it to wheelie. Thanks you so much . I cant wait to bring it up to level 3. "

Marcos-NY(Yamaha R1)


"Success, fits bike well (08'-R6)...got it up 1st time, w/ clutch...made several passes in an old K-Mart lot...set on beginner ."

Dennis,IN(Yamaha R6)