Your Bike, Our Gear

Professional Stunt wheelie schools use devices to help teach students how to wheelie on the schools bikes. Online sport bike and stunt forums post that these schools and teaching devices are great for learning. Now for the first time you can learn how to wheelie using WHEELIE TEACH on your own bike. If Its good enough for the Pros to use teaching devices to help riders learn how to wheelie at their schools then why not you.

Why Pros use devices to teach: To prevent everyones fear of flipping over ,to be able to move device higher as students build up their confidence and ability levels and while teaching should the unexpected happen devices prevents bike from crashing down to pavement just to name a few.

WHEELIE TEACH is designed to help the rider control the front wheel lift momentum that he or she might experience after giving too much throttle and/or clutch when attempting to learn to wheelie a sport bike; Hence preventing the sport bike from flipping. Wheelie Teach has adjustable levels, level one is just to get the feel of the front wheel coming off the ground and to help you get used to your bikes throttle and power, level two brings you 2/3 to bp and help build your throttle control and confidence level (also can start working on clutch tech.) and level three is into balance point, the stopper is still back there if your technique gives a little, but in level three you are not resting on the stopper to be in balance point. And unlike a wheelie machine, Wheelie Teach lets you use your own bike and ride it in your practice area doing actual wheelies not simulations.

  • Wheelie Teach: fits on your own sport bike !!!!
  • Has adjustable heights and new bar takes front tire to near 12 o'clock !!!!
  • Tested at over 110 mph in Level 3!!!
  • Learn to do balance Point seated wheelies!!!
  • Level 3 is into balance Point of bike!!!
  • Takes less than 2 min. to install !!!
  • Dual Wheels and Axle Sleeves Greatly Reduces any chance of Sideways loop!!!
  • Does not Flex or give after multi use !!!
  • Helps you to learn to wheelie safely and more confidently without becoming dependent on device!!!
  • Learn to Power and Clutch Wheelies, Practice Applying Rear brake, Fast or Slow Your Choice, Your Bike, Anytime You Want To!!!