New 12 o'clock bar
The New 12 o'clock bar will allow you to take your front tire to almost the 12 o'clock position without looping your bike. This bar is for the more experienced riders that want to learn more advance techniques in sport bike freestyle riding.
Do riders become dependent on wheelie teach ?

No, Because the wheelie teach has adjustable levels as a rider gets use to one level its time to move it up a notch. once the rider gets to level three the sport bike will be in balance point, free floating, the wheelie teach adjustment arm is back there to stop a rider from going to far out of balance point and possibly looping bike, a safety net letting you build up your confidence and experience without the worry of thrashing you and your bike.


Riders never learn to cover rear brake with wheelie teach on ?

Wrong. think of this learning to wheelie the unsafe way you have to be right on 100% of the time that means no "i had a bad day" one wrong thing and buy buy bike. and today 1000cc bikes are kicking 160+ horse stock if you don't have great throttle control and rear brake control your in trouble.ask yourself if you will be 100% on all the time while you learn.

            Well with wheelie teach you don't have to. it gives you the time to gain the experience in throttle control, clutch and in rear brake control. in rear brake control, the wheelie teach helps by just showing the power of the bike without letting the rider loop it. it does it by letting the rider in level three practice rear brake pressure in bp. and throughout the levels we advise the rider to practice rear brake pressure stops, this teaches the rider that they control at any time to stop the wheelie or at what height. the rider does all this without the worry of looping their bike while learning even if their having a bad day.


Why not just learn on a 50cc bike?

Well, 50cc bikes are great to learn on if you want to wheelie a 50cc bike. But once again there is your sport bike that you still haven't wheelie'd yet. With Wheelie Teach you learn on your sport bike how to wheelie without the worry of looping. The wheelie teach rides on the ground behind you so the wheels are on the ground all the time and your bikes swing arm hits the adjustment arm which stops your bike from going any farther. and as you get better throttle and clutch control you can move up in levels. the final level being in balance point without resting on the stopper.So as you want to learn the proper tech. of performing wheelies remember wheelie teach fits on your bike and that's the best way to learn.


Will Wheelie Teach stopper damage(dent) my swing arm?

No, the wheelie teach stopper will not damage (dent) your bikes swing arm.Our R&D has tested the stopper for over a hundred hours and have not seen any denting to swing arm do to the wheelie teach stopper.


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