History of Wheelie Teach

After fifteen years of sport bike riding, Jeff D., President of J. Tyler Enterprises, LLC had enough of seeing his fellow sport bike enthusiasts tumble and fall attempting to achieve the ultimate in sport bike accomplishments...the wheelie!

So, taking his trusty ruler and some metal he began his quest to engineer and manufacture a device that would enable both the novice and experienced rider to do a wheelie. There were obviously many hurdles:


After three years of development and a pile of discarded materials, the finished prototype was dubbed Wheelie Teach. He connected it to the rear wheel of his sports bike, strapped on his helmet and other safety gear, and proceeded to crash test Wheelie Teach himself. The test was a success! A few modifications later, Wheelie Teach is now ready for your bike! Various kits are available to fit most makes and models.

Wheelie Teach debuted at the International Motor Cycle Show in Cleveland, January 30Th, 2009  and now is a sponsor of XDL championship and has been seen and reviewed in or on magazines and web pages such as stuntride.com mag and web,throttle nation mag and web, blingrockets.com, superstreetbike, superbike, Performance bikes UK,  2Wheel Tuner, allaboutbikes.com just to name a few. Wheelie Teach is now available through national distributors at a price that is right for all sports bike riders.

*** Ohio Inventor Develops Patent for Adjustable Motorcycle Wheelie Device  -- Jeff D, Ohio, has developed a patent (8,075,011) for an "adjustable motorcycle wheelie device." The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A teaching device for sport configured motorcycles that restricts the angular inclination of the motorcycle and therefore its effective height from the ground when performing a wheelie in which the motorcycle is positioned on its rear wheel as it is driven. A bracket assembly extends from the rear wheel of the motorcycle with pavement engagement wheels positioned on its free end. The bracket assembly can be adjusted to afford different engagement angles to safely stabilize and restrict the effective height of the sport motorcycle's front wheel off the pavement during the "wheelie" maneuver thus providing a teaching platform for individuals practicing the art of wheelies on sport configured motorcycles."

UPDATE: Wheelie Teach announced the release of the new advance level bar for their wheelie teaching device. The Wheelie Teach device allows the aspiring wheelie artist to learn how to wheelie their sport bike without the worry of looping it and now with the release of the advance level bar they can take the front wheel to almost 12 o’clock making it ideal for learning advance freestyle techniques.                                             

Learn a wheelie the safe way, with Wheelie Teach!



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