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Wheelie Teach has partnered up with the Superbike-Coach Corp and with Headcoach Can Akkaya. This partnership combines the use of the Wheelie Teach device to assist  the stutents in learning to do a controlled wheelie while attending the Superbike-Coach Corp Wheelie Course at Stockton, CA .

The Wheelie Course is a intense training and performance program.  The day long course will consist of both instructional and hands-on demonstrations along with open track time.   The curriculum includes learning throttle control, balance and body positioning on your bike.

Headcoach Can Akkaya state "We are using 'Wheelie Teach' bars for a good reason, because they're having three adjustable levels, so as your control improves you can safely move up in height reaching balance point. We'll have these bars on our wheelie bike as well."

The Superbike-Coach Corp is the only company whom offers something which nobody else does in Northern America a Wheelie Course. So if you love to watch a good wheelie, but want to know what it's like to actually do one? Find out for yourself without the worry of getting it wrong and breaking your bike or body with the Wheelie Teach device and the Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course.

Wheelie Teach devices will be used at wheelie course on the wheelie bikes at course. You can also purchase one then bring it to course  to use it all day. You will also recieve pictures and high definition videos of your wheelies, which you will get for download at end of class.

More information on wheelie school can be found by visiting Wheelie Teach online at www.WheelieTeach.com or www.superbike-coach.com

Early booking is the only way to save a spot for you, because about 60% of the available spots are already booked out. The costs for the Wheelie Course is $179,

Wheelie Course Schedual:

october 06,  2013



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