Sportbike Stunt Terms

SIT DOWN WHEELIE –wheelie while in the seated position

STAND UP WHEELIE – wheelie while standing on pegs

NAC NAC -stand up wheelie with right leg behind left leg sticking out to the left side.

CAN CAN - revers of a Nac Nac, with right leg IN FRONT of left leg sticking out.

NOSE GRAB -Stand up wheelie with left hand over the windscreen grabbing nose of bike. Most easily done on gixxers due to sharp nose.

FENDER GRAB - same as nose grab..slightly harder stunt grabbing the front wheel's fender guard.

ONE HANDED WHEELIE -self explanitory. Left hand usually off clip on

SideSaddle wheelie- sitting sidesaddle with both legs on one side while wheelying.

sidesaddle Tank wheelie- sitting sidesaddled on the tank while wheelying.

HIGH CHAIR WHEELIE - legs over the handlebar two handed wheelie

CandyBar / Banana Split- One leg over the handlebar, one leg on the peg stand up wheelie.

Crossed Highchair wheelie- sitting over handlebar with legs crossed wheelie.

TAIL GRAB -One handed stunt involving the left hand holding onto the tail section/tail light

12 o Clock Wheelie -stand up or sit down wheelie with the front wheel pointing straight up vertically at a 90 degree angle from the pavement.

10 o clock Wheelie -.this is a basic wheelie angle to achieve. Most balance points can be met around this area.

Rolling Endo - reverse wheelie with the rear wheel in the air while rolling to a stop on the frontt wheel.

STOPPIE - Short distant rolling endo that brings the rear end up quick and holds that stance for a split second before crashing downards. Precursor to learning the rolling endo.

Crowning Endo/crossup Stoppie- sitting over the handlebar and doing a rolling endo.

Tank Stoppie - sitting on gas tank stoppie.

Fender Grab Stoppie- One handed stoppie while reaching over the front and grabbing the front fender.

Tail Grab Stoppie - One handed stoppie with left hand holding onto tail section.

Skitch Stoppie - skitching off the side of the bike while bike is doing a rolling endo right next to you.

Crossed-over Stoppie - doing a one handed stoppie with the RIGHT hand off the brakes, and braking with the left hand.

Weber Stoppie- 346 feet rolling endo at about 120 mph.

Sloppy Stoppie- badly attempted stoppie where the front wheel skids instead of rolling. Too much weight on the rear, and not enough over the front.

FENDER DRAG - 12 o clock wheelie or more untill rear fender scrapes against the ground, or cut off fender and pull by rope.

Christ - Standing on either tank or seat while assuming the pose of jesus christ.

LEAP OF FAITH - standing on seat, and taking as high of a leap as possible into the air to land onto the tank. Ninja/Karate mid air antics are encouraged.

Leap Of Death - Standing on the rear passenger seat and jumping to the tank. Perfected by team something from the mid west.

Switchback - while riding down the road, jump or climb around so that your back is facing the front of the bike and riding backwards.

Reverse Christ- doing a christ while facing toward the tail of the bike.

Skitching - sliding on your feet off to either sides of the bike or the rear of the bike.

Jedi Knight - Rodeo style skitching on the right side of the bike, kicking your feet up and over the bike then landing on the other side and still skitching. 

Tank handstand- doing a hand stand on the tank while rolling down the street.

switch back hand stand- reverse handstand on the tank or seat while going down the road. A switch back into a handstand combo.

NIC NAC Stand up wheelie with right leg braced against the rear cowl and knee perfectly aligned with bike while hanging off the left side.

Rear Peg Wheelie - stand up wheelie on the rear pegs

FLAMINGO - standing on seat with one leg sticking out behind you wheelie

TANK WHEELIE – sitting on gas tank while doing wheelie.

ROLLING BURN OUT - rolling burn out while standing on feetpegs. Weight over front handlebars/clip-ons.

rolling burnout - self explanitory

crossup burn out- sittong on handlebar doing a rolling burnout.

Lay-Z Boy- sit on tank and slide back to a laying position.

Spreader- legs spread like a V while doing a seated wheelie.




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